Transkei Tuff kicks off soon

Transkei Tuff is looking amazing

The “Transkei” loosely translates to “the Place over the River; a wild and mystic land that is drenched in history and carries so much promise.  Trails that have been carved out by the local Inguni cattle over hundreds of years. Endless rolling green hills that characterise this wild coastline and swelling river banks that ensure water is collected many kilometres upstream. These are just some of the aspects this beautiful land holds; creating the perfect playground for the Transkei Tuff Adventure Race.


The Transkei Tuff 2017 will venture over 80 athletes through this beautiful land, where teams will explore the Transkei by means of navigation, and will tackle the multiple disciplines that make up this 150km adventure race of a lifetime. The organising team from Won Adventure hold the Transkei close to their hearts and look forward to welcoming ‘home’ the Transkei Tuff participants in April 2017.


Teams can look forward to experiencing this magnificent coastline by foot, bicycle, paddle, abseil and so much more. Here teams will begin to understand the ‘Tuff-ness’ this rugged and historical land has to offer – making it the perfect host of the Transkei Tuff!

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