The nature of the web requires that one site links to others and they link to others and they link to others… and so the web is created. These links will guide you though to sites of relevance to adventure racing and its related disciplines. Happy surfing.





Team websites

A few adventure racing teams now have their own websites. They include:

Adventure racing clubs

There are a number of adventure racing clubs, most in the mojor centres. Visit their websites for details on events, activities and social gatherings.

Magazines that regularly support adventure racing

You’ll spot adventure racing articles in printed media occasionally. These magazines listed below regularly support adventure racing by publishing frequent articles on the sport and events.

Websites for related disciplines
Adventure racing is a hodge-podge of many disciplines, the primary ones being running, mountain biking, paddling and orienteering. These sites should keep you in the loop.

International adventure racing news and event coverage

The number of adventure racing website has grown in recent years but many are not that informative. Luckily, a few dynamic sites exist. These have up-to-date content, live online race coverage and news on international happenings. Check ’em out.