www.AR.co.za changes hands

For the first time in 15 years, South Africa’s adventure racing website, www.AR.co.za, is changing hands. Founder and editor Lisa de Speville is passing the site on to an experienced team that shares her passion for the sport of adventure racing.


“When I started the site in April 2001 the internet was young, the sport was new in South Africa and there were no websites that brought the community together or provided information written especially to entice people into the sport,” Lisa explains. She has written most of the more than 120 articles on the site – some in direct response to questions from the public and others re-published from magazine articles and columns that she has written.

“AR.co.za is just as valid now as it was 15 years ago. It remains a trusted and informative one-stop portal for news, articles, advice and event listings – not only for South African adventure racers, but also for adventure racers around the world,” she says.

In the past three years Lisa has taken on new projects and feels that the time has come to hand over the site to a team as dedicated and committed to the sport as she has been, but who also have the skills and technology to improve on the website and offer more to the adventure racing community.

This week Lisa handed over the site to Alec Avierinos and his KeyHealth Nevarest team.

“I’ve known Alec and his family for a decade. He is passionate about the sport and developing teams. He has provided incredible support to dozens of young athletes over the years. Alec is also a regular participant in events,” Lisa explains.

Through his business and sport activities, Alec has a team of people who already track adventure racing news. They have web skills and a social media infrastructure to greatly benefit the site content and interface.

In a sense, it is the end of an era for South Africa’s “Mother of Adventure Racing” as she allows her baby to leave the nest.

“I’m both sad and relieved to be letting go of the site,” she says. “This is the first time in 15 years and 8 months that I don’t have to think about emails, news, events and calendar updates. I will still contribute content to the site but with the day-to-day running of the site off my hands, I look forward to jumping into new adventures and projects.”

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  1. Many, many thanks to Lisa for starting the website and all the hard work that has obviously been put into running it for an extended period. Best wishes for your next project which I have little doubt will be a great success.

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