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    Banff is back in October

    Banff is back in October

    MEDIA RELEASE | This October the annual Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour comes to South Africa, bringing with it films of adventures by ski, bike, rock, ropes and on water. For the tenth year, Cape Union Mart proudly hosts the screening of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour films at Ster-Kinekor cinemas in […]

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    Two SA teams in Ireland for the Beast

    Two SA teams in Ireland for the Beast

    We’ve got two teams in Ireland and they’ll be racing in the Beast of Ballyhoura. This year The Beast is host to the European Championships and South African teams Castle Light and Lunar Chicks will line up at the start on Wednesday, 30 July 2015 for this 450-kilometre non-stop adventure race.

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    With the exchange rate as it is, we really can’t afford to make silly mistakes.

    Merrell head down under

    MEDIA RELEASE | When getting ready for any World Series expedition adventure race, not much specific information is made available to the participants. This week the Merrell Adventure Addicts are off into the unknown once again, traveling to Townsville, Australia to take on eighth edition of Geocentric Outdoors XPD with the knowledge that they will be […]

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  • Dealing with foot maceration

    Dealing with foot maceration

    Foot guru and author of ‘Fixing your Feet‘, John Vonhof, worked on feet at the 55-mile aid station and the finish line at the recent Western States 100. He saw many cases of foot maceration – something we saw  a lot of  at Expedition Africa this year. He offers some insight into the cause of […]

  • Sleep Strategy

    Sleep Strategy

    As adventure racers, the two most common questions we ask regarding sleep are “What is the least amount of sleep we need to gain the maximum benefits?” and “Is it better to ‘power-nap’ for 15-minutes, 30-minutes or an hour?”

  • People Power

    People Power

    Whether pairs, trios or four-person teams, it’s the ‘other person’ thing that makes team events more challenging emotionally and mentally than the event you’re entering. Yet, the person – or people – out there with you often prove to be brighter than the sun

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  • Custom Adventure Gaiters for Adventure Racing Club.

    AR Adventure Gaiters

    These have been a long time in coming – but now they’re here. Yes, long, padded orienteering gaiters for adventure racing (and orienteering, of course).

  • AR Desert Gaiters

    AR Desert Gaiters

    AR Desert Gaiters (v3) are ready! We’ve refined our stitching technique and design after intensive testing at Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in December 2010.

  • AR Mini Gaiters

    AR Mini Gaiters

    The three gremlins of blister formation are heat, friction and moisture. AR Mini-Gaiters keep trail debris (grass seeds, sticks, stones, gravel and sand) out of your shoes to improve foot comfort and sock longevity.

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  • ExpAfrica: Race report from Team Psychosis

    ExpAfrica: Race report from Team Psychosis

    Our challenge started before the race with putting a team together. With little experience and almost no knowledge of what is required,we assessed friends as team members and after asking quite a few and having setbacks with injuries, we finally managed to have four individuals making up TEAM PSYCHOSIS.

  • ExpAfrica report from Merrell Adventure Addicts

    ExpAfrica report from Merrell Adventure Addicts

    RACE REPORT | On Wednesday, 9 June the Merrell Adventure Addicts crossed the line to win the 2015 edition of Expedition Africa, which was held in Swaziland. Here are the thoughts from Graham Bird, Donovan Sims, Robyn Kime and Grant Ross on their racing experience. 

  • AR World Series in the Kingdom of Adventure

    AR World Series in the Kingdom of Adventure

    Media Release | Round 4 of the Adventure Racing World Series was at Expedition Africa, which was held this year in the Kingdom of Swaziland and attracted 23 teams from all around the globe.