The Grind at the Track

MEDIA RELEASE | When thinking about competitive sports, mud is normally seen as an unwanted addition, there to  hinder or even cancel play. But not in Obstacle Course Racing, the hottest growing sport on Planet Earth – or should that be Planet Mud? The Grind are a dedicated team of Obstacle Course Race builders and race hosts, and their challenging courses feature a great deal of mud as an accessory to the numerous obstacles that are set to test competitors. Whether it is climbing ropes, carrying weights or just trying to cross an obstacle, the addition of mud makes life just that much more interesting!


The Grind are hosting the year’s largest Obstacle Course Challenge at Zone 7 on the West Coast of Cape Town on the 3rd December: it promises to be a spectacular day for competitors and spectators alike. Obstacle Course Racing is a sport that combines fitness, stamina, strength, mental fortitude and a strong sense of humour: it is difficult to take yourself seriously when you are covered head to toe in glutinous mud from a previous obstacle, and are now attempting to haul yourself up a rope. But competitive it is: Obstacle Course Racing has been taken on by multiple sporting disciplines. From individuals looking to take their fitness to the highest possible levels to sporting teams looking to build camaraderie; martial arts exponents see OCR as a perfect way of combining mental and physical strength whilst endurance athletes value it for its explosive test of stamina and overall conditioning.

The Grind Race is not just for hardened athletes: with a range of courses on offer, everyone from 5 years old to (at a pinch) 104 is welcome to enter. The purpose designed courses include a 6 km Rapid Grind of 30 obstacles for initiates and the not-so-fit; a 12km Deep Grind of 40 obstacles for hardened OCR entrants and sportsmen and women; and a 12 km Elite Grind category for the seriously competitive athletes. Add to this the 6km Young G 30 obstacle course for 11 to 17 year old children, and the 1km Little G 10 obstacle course for children from 5 to 11 years of age, and you have a challenge for every member of the family. Not forgetting the mud!

It’s not all play: with R50 000 in prizes up for grabs, the Elite entrants will be giving their all, providing exceptional spectator value for those who complete the less demanding courses, as well as those souls who are there to watch the mud splatter and not necessarily get splattered themselves. The prizes are not only for the Elite, either: there are a variety of categories that will see people competing for everything from cash prizes to great Grind hampers.

Zone 7, Africa’s biggest and best Motocross and Enduro Track, will be a hive of activity on the 3rd December; it has been chosen by The Grind as the perfect venue for an Obstacle Race extravaganza. Close to the City, the course is spectator friendly giving great view of the action, and it also lends itself to an after-Grind bash that will rock the dried mud off everybody.

Kicking off at 08h00, the racing will continue until around 22h00. With music and live commentary during the day, and a live band for the party there will be no shortage of audio entertainment; and the sideline events are spectacular! A freestyle Motocross show with some of SA’s best riders; an Extreme Air Bag Jump which exactly like what it is; Bubble Soccer – the players are the bubbles, not the ball; and Bossaball – a cross between trampoline, volleyball and flying. For the thirsty and hungry there will be stalls offering everything that mud-parched throats desire.

The Grind at the Track: an event to kick off the holidays in style; a day that will go down in OCR legend. Be there!

Full details of the event and how to become part of the action can be found at:—entertainment.html