Thule tops AR World Rankings

Thule Adventure Team has topped the first official AR World Rankings released December 2012. Team Seagate are placed closely in second, recently receiving a points boost through winning the 2012 AR World Championship.

The AR World Rankings are a ranking order of the worlds best adventure racing teams based on their previous two years of results. A teams four best results are summed to give the team an AR World Ranking Points total. The rankings are an ongoing comparison of a teams overall competitiveness, consistency and performance.

The current top five ranked adventure racing teams in the world are Thule Adventure Team (663 points), Seagate (633 points), Silva (580 points), FJS Boosted by Midroc (374 points) and Columbia Vidaraid (370 points).

The top 10 finishing teams at each Qualifier race are awarded AR World Ranking points based on their finishing position. The top 20 finishing teams at the annual AR World Championship are awarded points, which are more heavily weighted to reflect the increased competition level at the annual championship race.

AR World Rankings are calculated and released on a ongoing cycle of approximately 4-6 months. A ranked team maintains their AR World Ranking for the duration of a ranking cycle. At the end of a cycle, rankings are re-calculated using the current cycles results, and the new AR World Rankings are released.

A detailed list of all AR World Rankings is available for download via www.arworldseries.comĀ 

The next release of AR World Rankings is scheduled for end May 2013. Teams looking to improve their ranking will now be looking to the next races on the calendar, including Huairasinchi (Ecuador), Godzone Adventure (New Zealand), Tierra Viva (Argentina), and Expedition Africa (South Africa).

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  1. Interesting to note that the top 6 teams have all done 4 AR World Series races in the last 2 years. To stand a chance of breaking into the top 5, a team would need to match that. Our own teams will stand a better chance now that there is a qualifying event in SA. Our top teams need to do that plus World Champs each year, to accumulate max points.

    It would be cool if a 3rd tier level existed for smaller events (250km) where points could be earned. Then hundreds of teams around the world could vie for position on that list, like the ATP list for tennis.

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