Ready to take a Quantum Leap?

Ugene Nel’s first distance race happens in a week – the 250km Quantum Leap. Ugene is a very experienced racer so you can be sure that the route will combine many of the elements that he most enjoys about racing. Remote locations, challenging navigation, interesting legs, strategic decision elements and the showcasing of the area’s best natural features.

He left this morning for the race area to start placing controls but before he left he wrote:

“More than three inches of rain fell in the race area in the last two weeks and the mountains are covered in snow. Both these factors are significant as the 26-kilometre croc rafting is best at a higher water levels. The river is currently running at a very good level and it is receiving a continous supply of snow meltwater from the Cederberg mountains.”

“However,” he adds, “the water is ‘very’ cold! Teams will have to look after themselves extremely well to avoid getting too cold.” He recommends that racers wear wetsuits on the river.

“The long-term weather forecast shows more rain on Monday and Tuesday for the race area but then it clears up in time for the race. Let’s hope it stays that way.

“The flowers are starting to come out and racers might well be awed by this spectacle.

“The race will be challenging in the traditional AR format with plenty of ADVENTURE – packed to the rafters! With it comes plenty of route choices in totally remote areas – devoid of any people but rich in Khoi, San and explorer-pioneer culture from a bygone era. Teams will need to display courage and mental strength to do this Leap! The biggest prize that teams will receive is to just finish this challenge!”

Red arrow indicates a person hanging on a rope - that's certainly where you're goin' too.

17 four-person teams and one pair will line up at the start, which will be at 05h30 from the Waterfall Resort, Giberg – near Van Rhynsdorp.

Ugene’s Quantum Adventure’s website is

Ja, I didn't know where Van Rhynsdorp was either...


  1. We are rearing to go. Bad Medicine is looking good for a strong finish and can’t wait to see the Cederberg in full flood!Hope the snow is only visible not in our actual path.

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