ADAC – promo video

Ask anyone and they will tell you the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge is six days of gruelling and ferocious competition where you discover levels of skill, determination and stamina that you never knew you possessed. Yet for those of you lucky enough to be racing this December, there’s so much more.

Any serious adventure race should be a heady mix of contrasts – the tough with the relaxed, the ups with the downs, and the enlightening highs achieved by the ultimate test of mind, body and soul.

It is this sharing of your exploits with fellow athletes around a blazing fire that will burn bright in your memories of Abu Dhabi.

Whilst you may be thinking it is not so demanding now… make no mistake, there are times in the heat of competition when you will be left pondering your own sanity and other moments where your sense of achievement will take you through the pain. Is it possible that the world’s toughest race could also be the world’s most enjoyable?

Check out the video and see for yourself (video is on ADAC website under the ‘News’ tab – quite a nice one. I think it is swimming, where you can see the four people in the water).