Tatum attempts to ascend Platteklip 9 times

On Saturday, 17 April 2010, adventure racer, Tatum Prins (Team McCain Adventure Addicts), will attempt to summit Table Mountain via Platteklip Gorge, between sunrise and sunset, an incredible nine times. Tatum took part in the Webber Wentzel Platteklip Charity Challenge last year, completing eight ascents, so she knows what she’s in for.

The route up Platteklip Gorge includes 800 double-size steps over a distance of 2.1km. Once at the top, the contestants need to run to the upper cable station, catch a lift down and then run back to the start. Each lap is 5.5km in distance, with 760 metres of climbing.

Tatum is one of almost 80 entrants. But while most are aiming to complete five or six ascents, Tatum is going big.

“Sponsor me so that I can suffer for a full day because of you!” she says. “If you want to get me back for anything I have ever done to you – now is the time! I am hoping to do it 9 times this year, one more than last year.”

This event is held in support of a creche and donations can be made in support of individual athletes, like Tatum. All donations are contributed to the charity. To sponsor Tatum, visit the Platteklip Charity Challenge website. Scroll down to Tatum’s name and make a donation.

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