Brian’s thoughts on Expedition Africa

It is interesting how things have developed and changed over the years…


I’m not racing this year, I’ll be dot watching, so here are my 2 cents, for what it’s worth:


My money is on Nevarest Jabberwock for the win. In fact (no pressure), its theirs to lose. They are the only team at EA in the top 50 in the AR world rankings (at number 32). Maybe I’m biased, as I have been racing on Jabberwock for the last few years, but the facts don’t lie. No Cyanosis, Merrell or Painted Wolf at EA, who are the only SA teams to have beaten Jabberwock in the past few years. There is years of experience on the team, a top navigator, a couple of renowned buffalo eaters and plenty vasbyt going round.


That being said, one international team to watch out for must be the newly formed Skylotec Adventure from Sweden. Some top experienced athletes on the team, but this will be their first Expedition AR together, and I’d say they don’t know too much about dodging buffalo in the Baviaans…


Other teams to watch are most certainly Olympus, and I’d say Quasarlontra Brazil, Eastwind and RAF too.


The rest of top 10 places are wide open in my opinion, many SA teams could be there or there about, but I’m certain we’ll be mostly following 2 dots up-front, Jabberwock and Skylotec.


But as we know, anything can happen in AR…


Stay tuned for more commentary, and hopefully our faithful AR dot watcher, Stijn, will chip in too…




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