Quantum Leap comes to the Cape

Old-time adventure racer, Ugene Nel, is finally presenting a distance adventure race. He’ll called it ‘Quantum Leap’ and it will be happening in the Cape, at the end of August 2012. A highlight of the race is a rafting that he describes as ‘the best the Cape has to offer’ and so the timing of the race is rainfall dependent.

Assisting Ugene is Trevor Ball. The pair have raced together for over a decade and Team Energy has always been a consistent performer. Having this duo planning a race… well folks, we’ve got a winner here.

WCAD had a 250km race on the cards for September, but with this announcement they’ve canned their race to lend support to Ugene’s event. The other, shorter, WCAD events will make for a great lead-up to Quantum Leap.

Entries will open in early 2012. We’ll get more information about the event then.