Swazi PRO: Red Ants do distance

Thanks to everyone for your support of Team Red Ants and to the organisers, thanks for making us K@K off like never before. Check out the attached Google Earth file (right click on the link and save) to see what went done in Swaziland over this past weekend. Race legs and distances broken down below.

  • Leg 1: Hike (12km)
  • Leg 2: MTB (93km)
  • Leg 3: Canal Paddle (17km)
  • Leg 4: Hike (8km)
  • Leg 5: Hike (17km)
  • Leg 6: MTB (75km)
  • Leg 7: MTB (14km)
  • Leg 8: River Paddle (18km)
  • Leg 9: Hike (22km)
  • Leg 10: MTB (60km)
  • Leg 11: Hike (18km)
  • Leg 12: Hike (17km)
  • Leg 13: MTB (75km)

The back-to-back hikes and MTB legs may look confusing, but these indicate the proposed Stage changes during the event. Effectively it was one long race after all, with no stages… Maps were handed out as we progressed, so we had no idea of total distance or what lay ahead. This aspect was very frustrating and race progression planning proved very difficult.

MTB = 317km (71% of race distance)

Hike = 94km (21% of race distance)

Paddle = 35km (8% of race distance)

Total distance = 446km (give or take a few Km’s for distance measurement error).

Team Red Ants Race time  = 75 hours 28 Minutes.

Result: 2nd place

Swazi XTREME certainly lived up to its name this year.

Eat. Sleep. Recover. Sleep. Eat. Recover (still trying to recover my sense of humour…)

Race report to follow in the next few days if I don’t fall asleep before that.

Author: Brian Gardener | Team Red Ants | Swazi Xtreme PRO, 6-8 August 2010


  1. did you carry a gps with you 😉 obviously it didn’t help 😛

    like the google map file. well done guys!

  2. Brian says, “The Google file is actually not the route we took, but the route as it is if all the OP’s were collected and with no Nav mistakes… (the ideal route I suppose you can call it)”

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