GARMIN Lost in da Bush

Race organiser report: True to the name and the nature of adventure racing, the race was tougher than expected but thoroughly enjoyed by those who share a passion for this sport that challenges all aspects of us, physically, emotionally and intellectually!


As the proud host of the Garmin Lost in the Bush Adventure Race, Passionate Adventures would like to thank our sponsors for their commitment and support, without them the race wouldn’t have been such a success.  Huge thanks then to our main sponsor, GARMIN. Also to Mopani Pharmacy, Oasis Water and Mankele for their contribution to make this an unforgettable race!

To everyone who offered their assistance before, during and after the race, your help is greatly appreciated.

And then last but definitely not least for all the teams that entered and all the teams that have been with us from our very first race!  Without you we would have had a very boring Weekend!


Saturday morning at 5am sharp, 22 race ready teams rushed off to get “lost in the bush” and well, most of them did exactly that, at least at some point or another! Although all care was taken to ensure that coordinates and CPs were correct we still had a bug in the system somewhere and CP5 managed to be displaced by way too much. Even after the GPS confirmed that the CP was at the correct spot, the map suggested otherwise. When this happens in any future races please inform the race organisers and move on. It’s called navigation NOT grid hunting. Do not waste three hours trying to find a CP that is not were it should be. As a result of the CP5 issue, the fourth leg of the race (35km cycle) had to be reluctantly cancelled by the race organisers otherwise we would still be out there waiting for some teams to finish. Other than that and some clues that were unclear to some teams, the race went down without any major incidents or accidents. (Detailed times listed in the table below. Un-official teams refer to teams who didn’t collect all the checkpoints).

Leg 1: (Run +/- 5 km)

The first leg was a quick scramble to the first two check points and was dealt with within an astonishing 22 minutes by team Maccapaccas, closely followed by team B.A.M.F, Team Red, Team Mankele, Team Tshanduko and Team Olympus.

Leg 2: (Cycling +/- 25km)

The cycling leg through the mesmerising woods and endless single tracks was by no surprise lead by Team Mankele which checked in the transition area at 10:35. Second in on the cycling leg was team Yeti Marander followed by The P Team, Team Olympus and Team J&B.

Leg 3: (Run +/- 15km)

On foot again, the teams took on the final leg of the race with tired legs but willing minds.  It was team Yeti Marander who came in first at 13:55 but unfortunately didn’t have all the check points(un-official).  Team Olympus (un-official) came in second at 14:24 followed by Team Red (un-official) at 14:49.

Teams that finished with all checkpoints are:

Ø      The first official team to finish was Team Mankele with total race time of 10 hours flat!

Ø      In the second place, Team J&B with total race time of 10 hours 28min!

Ø      In the third place Team 101 with total race time of 10 hours 36min!

Ø      The forth official team was Team B.A.M.F with total race time of 10 hours 44min

Ø      Last but not least official team was the Superchick &Sidekick with total race time of 12hours 13min.

Below all the teams that entered in no particular order and a breakdown of their times on respective disciplines.

Race Start: 5:00am

Team Name Leg 1 Leg 2 Finish Total Race Time
Team M.U.D. 5:33 15:19 16:40 11 hours 40 min
Team Yeti Marander 5:27 10:45 13:55 8:55 (UO)
Team Senseless 5:57 13:00 15:20 10:20
Team Mankele 5:25 10:35 15:00 10:00
The Soutpansberg Akkedisse 5:36 12:34 16:48 11:48
Team 101 5:29 12:03 15:36 10:36
Team Kapwepwe’s 5:57 11:54 DNF
Team Superchick & Sidekick 5:31 13:10 17:13 12:13
Team B.A.M.F 5:25 12:33 15:44 10:44
Team Lock and Load 5:32 14:47 18:11 13:11
Team Red 5:25 13:03 14:49 9:49 (UO)
Team Lickety Split 5:58 14:55 16:46 11:46
Team Hawkstone 5:35 11:53 16:47 11:47
Team Lava 5:29 14:56 18:11 13:11
Team Tshanduko 5:25 12:20 16:35 11:35
Team Terra Rimor 5:57 14:43 DNF
Team Olympus 5:25 11:40 14:24 9:24 (UO)
Team Maccapaccas 5:22 12:33 15:44 10:44
The P team 5:29 11:02 DNF
Team Gijima 6:02 15:48 16:47 11:47
Team Takkie Cardia 6:02 13:00 16:30 11:30
Team J&B 5:23 11:46 15:28 10:28

From the proud host of the GARMIN Lost in the bush AR 2010, it would be an honour for Passionate Adventures to thank ALL the teams that entered. We are especially fond of the level of maturity and good team spirit that all the teams displayed before during and after the race. Jokes and laughter that spontaneously grew between teams as the weekend progressed provided a positive climate in which one can only grow in skill and character!

See you all next year for another “Lost in the Bush” experience! 

Kind Regards,

The Passionate Team:

Werner Swart & Brand Viljoen

 Passionate Adventures

Author: Werner Swart | GARMIN “lost in the bush” adventure race”, 10 April 2010, Mankele


  1. Great Race – very tough. looking forward to next year and some competition ( maybe next year we`ll find CP12 too ; ) , to the Mankele Boys – even girls can ride the slope down to SUDWALA !

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