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November 11, 2010 AdventureLisa 7

In the sport of adventure racing, the discipline of mountain biking is a distance gobbler. You can be assured that at least, if not two-thirds, of the course distance will be covered on two-wheels, whether a 25km sprint or 800km expedition race.

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AR Admin

November 11, 2010 AdventureLisa 0

If there’s one thing more difficult and challenging than doing an overnight or multiday adventure race, it is getting to the race. Finding teammates, recruiting support crew (assisted events) and coordinating team gear, support equipment, catering, booking accommodation, transferring entry fees is an administrative nightmare.

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MED: Hawkstone’s report

November 8, 2010 AdventureLisa 0

Team Hawkstone: Merrell Eden Duo (MED) started bright and early on Saturday morning the 30th of October at the Wilderness beach front. There were 43 teams that competed in the Classic event which is 150km (70km MTB, 60km Hike/run and 20km canoe).