Senseless, not clueless

The inaugural Senseless Adventure was held at Hollybrooke Farms in Skeerpoort on 16 October 2010. The Senseless Adventure was a sprint race aimed at novices to the sport but had a number of OP’s to keep the more experienced teams on their toes.

We had 32 teams that started the race at 8am and had a 3:30 cut off time after which teams received time penalties. Having the option of OP’s worked well in keeping the race together and not having teams finish hours apart. In fact the was less than an hour separating the 1st team to finish and the last. Every team collected at least one OP with all teams collecting an average of seven OP’s out of a possible twenty OP’s. The only team to collect all the available twenty OP’s and gain the full 144 minutes of bonus time were the eventual winner, Hawkstone, who finished the race just after 11am.

The Senseless Adventure winners were:


  1. Hawkstone                         – 3h10m39 with 144 bonus minutes.
  2. Assitport Challenges      – 3h28m04 with 133 bonus minutes.
  3. Motion 4                              – 3h20m30 with 125 bonus minutes.


  1. Domkrag                              – 2h55m10 with 83 bonus minutes.
  2. Ineffable                             – 3h14m35 with 100 bonus minutes.
  3. Takkie Cardia                     – 3h17m35 with 92 bonus minutes.


  1. Eager Beavers                   – 2h44m05 with 40 bonus minutes.
  2. Girls from the Hood        – 3h11m00 with 35 bonus minutes.
  3. Only two women’s teams finished.

 For the full results and time breakdowns, please visit . Enjoy the racing!


  1. This was an awsome race. Very well organised. Interesting format with optional points which posed some navigaitonal cdhallenges.

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