Franco Olivier’s Training Race – Presented by NSP Sports

Local adventure racing enthusiast Franco Olivier will be hosting a training race for anyone who is willing to come. Limited spots are available, so try and let him know that you want to join by commenting on the post on his profile (a Facebook event will be shared soon!)

Here is what he had to say in his Facebook post:


I am looking to organise a training Adventure Race the weekend of 16 November in Bronkhorstspruit. It will be about -+110km. It will be easy enough for all types of racers to do. This will not be a race for the TOP teams in the country, just an event to do some long distance training, collect some CP’s and make some memories…. 

Please leave you email should you be interested in this event….

This event will be hosted by NSP Sports

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  1. Franco
    My wife and I are interested. Send me more info if you can. We are in Bela Bela. Perhaps in future we can do one here?

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