Team Finder

Looking for a team to join or a teammate to join your team for a race?

It is not always easy to find teammates, especially when you’re new to the sport and often, at the last minute, a replacement may be needed.

When you’ve exhausted your supply of willing and able friends and relations, try this Team Finder.



In your comment below mention:

  • do you want to join a team or are you looking for someone to join your team
  • date of event
  • distance (sometimes events offer more than one distance)
  • where you are located (Jo’burg, Pretoria, Durbs, CT etc)
  • team format (mixed, pairs, 3’s, 4’s etc) and how many people you are looking to recruit
  • what type of person you’re looking for (male, female, experienced, navigator, workhorse, very fit, any)
  • your ambitions for the race (competitive, for fun, to gain experience)
  • your contact details (phone and email)
You’ll have more success if you’re more specific instead of “I’m looking for a team”. Rather try to build or join a team for a specific event. Please also use the AR email group, which is very effective.

Finally, when your request is successfully fulfilled, please add another comment saying so. I will remove your request from the list so that you don’t keep getting enquiries.


  1. Hi all

    I’m new to the AR scene and I am looking for a team that I can train with, join for future races and ultimately gain the necessary experience from. I am a 21 year old male based in cape town.


  2. I’m a 40 year old female who would like to join a team for the Mnweni Marathon (2nd) on 18 May 2013.
    I’m located in Pretoria and I’m hiking, running, biking and swimming fit.
    My ambitions for the race are to gain experience.
    My contact e-mail is

  3. Hi all, I am a new girl to Pretoria and the AR scene but I am very fit hiking and running enthusiast with a fun but competitive nature. I am looking to join a team for regular training and take part in suitable events. I’m also pretty handy with a map 🙂

  4. Hi ALL

    Looking to start or be a part of a AR team of 4, to compete in future. People will need to be competitive in nature, and definitely a racing snake. would like to participate in majority of AR calender races.

    Email me :

  5. Hi

    Looking for a racing partner.

    Your location in SA is not all that relevant as I train regularly and seek a partner that does the same.
    Possibly a partner with good orienteering skills? Male / female.

    Would prefer to identify a few races a year and train accordingly. I’m new to AR.


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