Liquid mountaineering

A new sport – ‘liquid mountaineering’. This superb, short production posted on YouTube is so worth watching – pure entertainment and delight.

Thanks to Sean for the link.


  1. He he, these people are getting clever. I also think it’s great advertising, but it can get quite dangerous though, coz where will it stop? Look at the widespread reaction this got. Very similar to what Microsoft did with the Superslide web video. How many people out there went ‘Liquid Mountaineering’ or tried to build their own Superslides?!? Both still relatively harmless, but still shows the power of the media…

  2. Media Release from Hi-Tec… 😉 I’d love to see more marketing like this.


    Global Sport and Outdoor Brand Hi-Tec behind ‘Liquid Mountaineering” viral

    After two weeks of worldwide buzz, Hi-Tec, the Global Outdoor and Sports brand has revealed they were the team behind the ‘Liquid Mountaineering’ viral video which has taken the Web by storm.

    The documentary-type film features three guys who run across a lake thanks to the water-repellent qualities of their Hi-Tec shoes.

    Simon Bonham, Hi-Tec Group Head of Marketing comments: “We wanted to create a piece of entertainment around our hydrophobic footwear and get people talking about the footwear brand again.”

    He added, “However after the initial buzz, we thought it was finally time to come clean and unveil to the world that Hi-Tec were behind the viral. The idea was to take a traditional form of marketing and totally turn it on its head, in the process capture the fun, spirited side of our brand. The reaction to the viral has surpassed all expectations; with people all over the world trying to do their own Liquid Mountaineering.”

    To create the viral, Hi-Tec worked with CCCP, an independent ad agency in Amsterdam known for their award-winning work for Dutch retailer HEMA. It has featured on thousands of blogs and has had 4 million views on YouTube to date. Television coverage of the film has been flighted in Japan, Brazil, Germany, the US, Australia, Korea, Spain, France and Georgia.

    ENDS …

  3. So is this the follow on from the “I Can’t” article?

    Date, Time & Place : Next Club meeting at Emmarentia.
    Topic : I CAN!
    Kit : Wetsuit and your favourite running shoes.



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