Beyond meet and greet

November 17, 2011 AdventureLisa 1

I know many people from the adventure racing community, but because of the nature of events, they’re a bit like Facebook friends. Always nice to see them and we say hi-bye in passing at events but I don’t know much about them; their racing aspirations, favourite discipline or even where they live.

WCAD 80km, Ceres

November 17, 2011 AdventureLisa 1

The beautiful Ceres Valleywas the setting for the 3rd and final leg of the 2011 Western Cape Adventure (WCAD) Series which took place on 12 […]

Pennypinchers at MED

November 10, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

The long wait between packing, briefing and the start was finally over. Leg 1- Paddle from Ebb and Flow to Wilderness Beach on the Touws River After […]