Team AR at Kinetic Adventure #3

June 27, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

On Saturday night I thought, “You’ve got to be kidding! Why am I doing this race?”. A cold front came through on Thursday night and it has been icy cold since. Saturday night was no exception and I dreaded having to wake up before six to get on the road to take part in this year’s third Kinetic Adventure Sprint.

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On buying trail shoes

June 24, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

As I prepare to take my mom, Liz, to buy her first pair of trail shoes, I thought I’d revisit this most frequently asked question – about buying trail shoes. Is there a ‘best shoe’? What should I look for? Where can I go to look for them?

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Winter Metrogaine results

June 22, 2011 AdventureLisa 1

I could hardly believe that 72 runners would brave a navigation event, at night and in the dead of winter. But they did and within minutes of the start they were warmed up and running through the suburbs surrounding Zoo Lake.

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Finding Mr Right

June 19, 2011 AdventureLisa 2

We are now two women in our team. We’re new to this and we’re not fast really but we do enjoy racing. We’d like to find a guy to join our team but how do we find a man, or two, who is not so competitive that we frustrate him, or that he’ll try to be the alpha dog and will frustrate us by trying to push us harder and faster.

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The journey counts; the destination motivates

June 17, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

When we do not succeed, friends and family console us with words spoken to reassure that the journey is more important than the destination. This stands true for every sport in which we participate, where we enter to experience the journey; the race, environment and challenges.