Outdoor Race World Tour 2017, La Transmarocaine

The mountains that surround the Bin El Ouidane lake at Morocco, host the first event of the Outdoor Race World Tour 2017, La Transmarocaine.

Video La Transmarocaine #ORWT 2017 Date 1

La Transmarocaine #ORWT Date 1 2017 from Outdoor Race World tour on Vimeo.

27 teams of 2 competed to be the first number 1 #ORWT 2017 Ranking.

At this 12th Edition the Teams completed 5 stages throughout more than 180 km biking, orienteering, canoeing,…

La Transmarocaine is a clear example of the Outdoor Race World Tour philosophy, a combination of great competitiveness, mixed with camaraderie, incredible landscapes, a perfect organisation, safety, and more.

All the event activity could be followed on our social networks, working together with the event resources.

www.facebook.com/outdoorrace  & web https://www.outdoorraceworldtour.com/live

The first classifieds were Toma Pardoen y Sebastien kneuss, (Team RAIDLINKS 07- EndorphinMag.fr) after a hard daily race performance.

The next Outdoor Race World Tour event will be the Raid Gallaecia Couples, at Galicia, Spain, that will be held at the historical Galician End of the World. A 450km challenge that will take all the participants to their límit. You can follow the event thanks to the ORWT and associated means.

Don’t miss this fantàstic event. Stay tuned starting 7th of may through our live tracking web page:


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