Four days to start of Patagonia Expedition Race

Team Cyanosis leaves South Africa for Patagonia tomorrow morning to compete in the ultimate adventure race in the world, the Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race.

The race, which starts on Tueday morning, will see 20 international teams competing over approximately 600km of landscape at the southern tip of South America. Teams will battle freezing Southern Ocean waters in sea kayaks, including the Magellan Straits and the Beagle Channel, cross the sub-Antartic Patagonia island of Tierra del Fuego on foot and bike, abseil and rope ascend a few obstacles, and generally battle over rugged, marshy and inhospitable terrain for 7 to 10 days. Cold, wet weather and strong winds are the norm at this time of year, despite it being the Patagonian ‘summer’. The team is well prepared for this however, and the team’s sponsors are to be thanked for outfitting the team superbly to cater for these conditions.

For Ryno Griesel, Nicholas Mulder and Clinton Macintosh, this will be a race to remember. All of them have extensive racing pedigrees, but the Patagonia race is sure to prove more demanding and throw up more challenges than any before. For the fourth member of the team, Jane Swarbreck, this will be a baptism of fire (or rather ice). Jane has only been racing for two years and her international racing experience is limited to the deserts of Abu Dhabi. She is looking forward to the race, but is justly weary of the expected weather conditions.

The course, and even the competing teams have been kept a closely guarded secret by race organisation. All will be revealed however on Monday morning at race briefing in the southern Chilean city of Punta Arenas (5 hours time difference from South Africa). Rumours have it that there will be some top international teams to compete against, something that Cyanosis are really looking forward to.

The race can be followed via the race website:
Have a look at some of the spectacular race photos and videos available on this site! Two things are going to stand out in this race: marshes and wind.Regular race reports and inside analysis will be shown on and

Finally, we will try and give any updates we have on our facebook page,

A final word of thanks must go to our sponsors who have looked after us once again. Patagonia is going to be an extreme race and we’ve had to take some extreme gear along for the ride.

Team Cyanosis is proud to have the following brands supporting them:
First Ascent outdoor apparel, Salomon adventure footwear, Petzl headlamps and Foodstate vitamins and supplements.

Specialized bikes and accessories, Summit Cycles in Midrand, Form and Fitness sports supplements, Suunto field compasses and wrist-top computers, O’Neill wetsuits and Island Tribe sun lotion.

Nicholas Mulder
Team Cyanosis

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Picture by Alexandre Buisse