Podcast: Team Cyanosis on Expedition Africa

Lisa de Speville interviews Team Cyanosis’ Clinton Mackintosh (captain) and Nicholas Mulder (navigator) about their team for Expedition Africa, which starts in four days, competition, expectations for a ‘Heidi and Stephan’ course and navigational considerations in the Western Cape.

Listen online… (this Google player may not work in all browsers)

Or, if you would like to download the file, right-click on this link below and save. In some browsers, if you click on the link, it will start to play.


  1. Hi Aaron,
    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, I intend to have regular podcasts 😉 I’ve been meaning to do this for months and months and months – finally got around to it and now that I’ve got the software figured for recording and editing, it is far easier to keep going.

  2. I was wondering if this was going to be an ongoing podcast, and if so, if it would be available on iTunes? I’m certain it’d be a popular download. The podcast arena has very slim pickins when it comes to outdoor activities, adventure, or adventure racing. The dirtbag diaries has been all I’ve found, so I’d be stoked to have another on my playlist.

    Thanks so much!


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