Podcast: Merrell Adventure Addicts win Expedition Africa

Lisa de Speville chats to Graham Bird, the captain of Team Merrell Adventure Addicts. They were the winning team at Expedition Africa, completing the 500km race in 61 hours. Graham chats about their race, a wee navigation error, his teammates and about being at the front of the race.

Listen online… (this Google player may not work in all browsers)

Or, if you would like to download the file, right-click on this link below and save. In some browsers, if you click on the link, it will start to play.

(let me know if you have any problems downloading – it seems to sometimes go wonky – lisa@ar.co.za)

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  1. Big congrats to Graham, Tatum, Donovan and Hanno.

    Nice interview Lisa… the technology worked fine. Give us more of these podcasts. How about some words from Stefan and Heidi… once they’ve recovered from the race themselves.

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