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Good racer in the making

March 14, 2011 AdventureLisa 1

While answering another ‘what is adventure racing?’ question, I mentioned two people and described them as “good racers”. My colleague asked, “What makes them good racers?.” This is a great question because there is a distinction between being a good athlete and a good adventure racer.

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Thule Adventure wins in Ecuador

March 11, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

Keeping our eye on the AR World Series… The Huairasinchi Race, in Ecuador, has been won by Thule Adventure Team. The team consisted of Captain Martin Flinta, Per Vestling, Jacky Boisset, and Myriam Guillot.

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Red Ants return from Argentina

March 8, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

Imagine a place where crystal clear turquoise lakes give way to dense montane forests and steep rugged mountains. Imagine a place where the light of billions of stars light up the high mountain peaks around you and where rolling wilderness extents further than the eye can see…

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Paddling, the Cinderella discipline

March 7, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

Paddling is the Cinderella discipline of adventure racing, one that is undeservedly neglected and forced into an obscure existence – until a big race looms – when it achieves sudden recognition.

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RTNX almost sold out!

March 4, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

With five months until teams gather in British Columbia at the start line of Raid the North Extreme 2011, organisers say the event will soon be sold out! Due to the rugged wilderness nature of the course, registration is capped at 50 teams.

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Red Ants 4th in Argentina

March 3, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

Team Red Ants placed 4th at Terra Viva in Argentina last week; and they’ll be speaking about their race at AR Club in Jo’burg on Thursday, 17 March 2011 – with photos and video footage.