ARWC starts in Burnie, Tasmania

The City of Burnie, Tasmania, will provide the ideal host and launching point to the West coast wilderness for national and international teams in the 2011 Adventure Racing (AR) World Championship.  
The AR World Championship is scheduled from 31 October to 11th November 2011.  Teams of four athletes will race day and night over a 700km course in the disciplines of trekking, kayaking, mountain biking and roping, vying for a share of $75,000 in prize money.
Race Director Craig Bycroft said “The City of Burnie will be the perfect host for this international event, they are pulling out all stops to welcome the race and athletes in the World Championship”.
Burnie is Tasmania’s most westerly city and is the historic service centre and gateway to the wilderness of the West coast.  Built originally on its port and industrial foundations, it is transforming into a vibrant sustainable city.  When not racing, competitors can relax and enjoy Burnie’s beautiful coast and beaches, its famous cheese, art and dining. Information on Burnie can be found at
Brett Whiteley, Executive Officer of Burnie Sports and Events said, “This is a magnificent coup for the City of Burnie – this is a huge win for the people of Burnie and the North West coast”.

“We were committed to winning this bid and we are very keen to place on display to the world our hospitality and support of this event. Burnie’s reputation has grown significantly over the last 15 years as it has transitioned from a not so desirable industrial town to an exciting place to live and raise a family – a place now being showcased to 30,000 cruise ship visitors each year. It is exciting to have yet another opportunity to place our credentials on the world stage,” Mr Whiteley said.

The AR World Championship is estimated to bring over $1.4 million direct spend into the Tasmania economy, plus the long term adventure tourism promotional benefits.
90 teams of four from from 21 countries will race in Tasmania making it the largest Adventure Racing World Championships ever held.
The 2011 Adventure Racing World Championship is supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania.  It is also supported by Burnie Sports and Events.
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