Support Crews: Intro

article023As a support crew member you have the most important role in an adventure racing team. During the race your talents as a bike mechanic, podiatrist, navigator and motivational speaker will be exploited. You’ll probably eat and sleep less than the racers. You’ll have to turn a muddy patch on the side of the road into a cosy B&B and more importantly you’ll have to overcome your phobias of touching someone else’s sweaty clothing.

Having organised the support for most of the races in which I’ve competed and having been on a support crew, I’ve made mistakes, like taking too much stuff and forgetting other useful items.

This practical support guide will give you an idea of the responsibility involved in seconding and will provide you with the basic tools to get your planning started. In time, you’ll have your own methods worked out, but for now, this should help to get you on the road.