Kinetic Adventure 25km (boats provided)

27 August, 2017 All day
Cowhouse Market
Address: Cowhouse Market, Hazeldean Trails,PTA

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  • 1 May, 2019 - 5 May, 2019 All day

    A 4 day, non-stop, multi-discipline expedition challenge for experienced adventure racing teams who just want to race. Not all will finish, only one will win.

    Full race info at:

    VASBYT is:
    An undiluted challenge for those who recognise adventure even without a hashtag
    Just an expedition race. It shouldn’t change your life – it should confirm that you are still committed to living your life
    Out there for those who don’t need to be convinced

    VASBYT is NOT:
    For the masses – those who Vasbyt are a bit tougher, a bit rougher, slightly more capable
    Available in LITE format
    Centered around tourism

    There’s not much more we really want to tell you apart from the necessary logistics. The idea is to get you out there into the unknown like true explorers with no route scouting, no google mapped images, no pre-gathered information.

    Old school racers know and respect the rules.