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SX Sport: Team Senseless Killers

August 12, 2010 AdventureLisa 3

Team Senseless Killers (no mass-murderous intent implied) – an amalgamation of Team Senseless (Andrew Wiggett and Steven Yates) and Team Killers (named after the band ‘The Killers’: Robert Crichton and Amy Witherden) – was privileged to partake in the tenth and last Swazi Extreme, held from August 6 to August 8 (August 9 for some), 2010.

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Senseless at Kinetic Adventure

August 2, 2010 AdventureLisa 0

I had really been looking forward to the Kinetic Adventure sprint race at Paddle Power in Hartebeespoort. For one, my fitness was good and I had no injuries, which has been a problem this year. But mostly I was looking forward to the zip line…

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Red Ants at Diamond Dash

July 22, 2010 AdventureLisa 0

“Waar rook is, daar is ook vuur”. This was the first clue sending us scrambling up the koppie on the first 4km dash. With no map and no marked route this leg was chaotic as we searched for the clues.