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Support Crews: Planning and Equipment

December 20, 2009 AdventureLisa 0

Supporting starts long before the race day and finishes long after the race ends. You have to be everything to everyone in your team, at the same time. Your budget is guaranteed to be limited, so plan in advance so that you have enough time to source equipment from friends and relations.

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What is adventure racing?

December 18, 2009 AdventureLisa 0

Popularised by television coverage of Mark Burnett’s Eco Challenge events, adventure racing is no longer an obscure extreme sport. In a classical sense, adventure racing is a multi-discipline multi-day endurance sport where competitiors compete in teams of four, navigating from checkpoint to checkpoint to cover vast areas in a number of disciplines. Sprint and short course categories now exist, luring those hesitant adventurers out for a morning or day of gloriously dirty, off-road fun.