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Paddling, the Cinderella discipline

March 7, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

Paddling is the Cinderella discipline of adventure racing, one that is undeservedly neglected and forced into an obscure existence – until a big race looms – when it achieves sudden recognition.

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Flat water proficiency

September 6, 2010 AdventureLisa 1

Paddling, like running/trekking and mountain biking, is a core discipline of adventure racing. In races we can be expected to paddle on flat water (dams and lakes), rivers (graded or white water) and the sea. We paddle traditional craft, racing kayaks, sit-on-tops, sea kayaks and rafts.

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Selecting Kayaks for Adventure Racing

December 20, 2009 AdventureLisa 0

The following points need to be considered when selecting a craft for adventure racing. Some time ago the idea was raised that adventure craft should conform to a 1:10 ratio. This means that the beam width of a craft should not be less than a 10th of its length.