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On buying trail shoes

June 24, 2011 AdventureLisa 0

As I prepare to take my mom, Liz, to buy her first pair of trail shoes, I thought I’d revisit this most frequently asked question – about buying trail shoes. Is there a ‘best shoe’? What should I look for? Where can I go to look for them?

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Practical vs Sentimental

January 10, 2010 AdventureLisa 1

People are magpies – indiscriminately hoarding items that MAY be of use. And when we pack for races we tend to do the same, throwing in this and that ‘just in case’. I asked a number of adventure racers to confess the unusual items lurking in their backpacks and crates, whether practical or sentimental.

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Make your own mini gaiters

January 4, 2010 AdventureLisa 5

Mini gaiters are easy to make, especially this basic design. You can sew these gaiters by hand (or even use fabric glue?) but they are obviously longer lasting if sewn by machine. Gaiters prevent trail debris (stones, sand, grass seeds, sticks) from getting into your shoes.

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Gimme Shelter

December 20, 2009 AdventureLisa 1

Summer on the highveld or winter in the Cape, there’s a chance that you could be caught in a downpour during a race. One quick rainstorm is hardly a worry; hours or days of continual rain can wear you down mentally.