Adventure Racing With Plantar Fasciitis: How to Give Your Best Effort

Plantar fasciitis is sometimes painful to the point of nearly being debilitating. You want to give your greatest effort during workouts, but your Achilles heel will not allow you to extend beyond the sub-par realm. Adventure racing with plantar fasciitis may come with challenges, but it is possible to start and finish competitions in good timing all while avoiding a major flare-up.

Stretch and Roll

Rolling a tennis or golf ball underneath your feet for a few minutes before the race is an excellent way to get your Achilles heel warmed up and ready for the contest. Also, utilising a proper stretching technique is a good way to safeguard against plantar fasciitis flare-ups during competition. Begin your stretch by vertically aligning the bottom of your foot and toes with the top of a step. Slowly lean forward while keeping your heel on the floor and leg straight. You should feel more flexibility in the upper part of your calf and hold the pose for up to 20 seconds. You should stretch in this manner before and after your adventure racing routine.

Wrap Your Foot With Ace Bandages

Wrapping your foot with an ace bandage is quite simple. You begin the process of laying the dressing across the top of your foot. Then, you need to wrap the material around the foot and make sure that you pull it tightly around the arch for support. It is counterproductive to cover your foot with ace bandages before a brisk walk or run and fail to tighten the binding around the arch area. End the encasing by laying the wrap on the top of your foot after wrapping the bandage around your foot at least three times.

Take Short Breaks in Between Activities

One major perk of adventure racing is the opportunity to take breaks in between activities. Consider resting before the pain gets too intense. Remember that your goal is to finish the race, and sometimes that means taking the slow and steady route.

Sometimes using over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can help relieve pain associated with Plantar Fasciitis. You should not, however, only resort to medications as your final solution. Using natural means to prevent Achilles heel flare-ups when adventure racing is the best way to enjoy the sport that you love.

– Sally

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