BREAKING NEWS – Skylotec and Thunderbolt AR receive penalty

The two leading teams made an error by not following instructions to stay on the beach (side) between CP 36 and T10 during their 18km trekking leg yesterday evening. The race booklet clearly stipulates  that it is “compulsory to stay on beach between CP 36 and T10” and further stipulates  “Expedition Africa flag on the beach in front of T10”.

Both Skylotec and Thunderbolt left the beach at Jeffery’s Bay and continued along the road to the Transition area, instead of approaching the transition area via the beach. Both teams have been notified of their error of which a one hour penalty has been given to each team once they arrive at Transition 11.

Each team will sit in a designated penalty area for an hour after completing their transition from the 123km cycle leg to the final trekking leg of 48km.

Skylotec and Thunderbolt were apologetic for the error and accepted the penalty before their 123km cycle leg commenced. According to race organiser; Heidi Muller, the athletes were extremely humble and accepting of the penalty awarded. Skylotec and Thunderbolt were neck and neck during this leg and in the moment did not reflect back on the race booklet, resulting in this innocent mistake. This error proves how testing the sport of Adventure Racing is.

Race organisers Heidi and Stephan Muller chose to be proactive by communicating the 1 hour penalty to both teams as soon as possible. This avoided any upset from arising at Transition 11 before tackling their final leg.

The above scenario makes for an interesting final racing day for Skylotec, Thunderbolt AR, East Wind, Nevarest Jabberwock and Nantes Adventure. Team Thunderbolt AR struggled throughout the night on their 123km cycle leg and are expected to arrive at T11 only after Skylotec checks out. The final 48km trekking leg will venture each team through the most picturesque dune fields the Kouga area has to offer.

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Image: Bruce Viaene

Photo Caption: Skylotec have completed their transition at T11 and have checked in their gear. The team are now taking advantage of their ‘African penalty box’ by sleeping for the next hour