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It’s only four weeks until FEAT 2010 debuts in Johannesburg. FEAT (Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks) is a high-octane event where talk topics, presented by celebrated outdoor adventurers, include tales of expeditions, practical advice on sponsorships, technology and making a career as an adventurer.

“Although the era of classic expeditions, when ‘adventurer’ was a conventional career title and expeditions to open trade routes and discover new lands were funded by King and country, is long gone, the need for adventure still exists,” says FEAT director, Lisa de Speville. Yet few South African adventurers have the providence to write ‘adventurer’ in the occupation block on forms; most work ‘two jobs’, juggling full-time employment and families with expedition planning and preparation.

Traditional components of an expedition are sponsorships, food, water, equipment, clothing and physical preparation. “But,” de Speville says, “adventurers don’t just go for months into the great unknown; they have to post daily blogs, upload photos, speak to radio stations via satellite phone and put video clips on YouTube. When they get home they deliver presentations to sponsors, companies, clubs and schools. A lot of this is about sponsor return.” She explains that expeditions may include a videographer to capture the journey for a documentary; book deals, which require months of writing post-expedition, may also be on the table. Causes and charities partnered to an expedition add to the adventurer’s responsibilities and obligations. An expedition doesn’t end when the physical objective is achieved.

The theme of making a career as an adventurer will be presented at FEAT by Alex Harris, an experienced mountaineer and polar adventurer. Julian Dallamore, a corporate Brand Manager, touches on the sponsorship of expeditions, while adventurer Ray Chaplin discusses media communication technology for expeditions.

The dozen speakers at the inaugural FEAT evening are Alex Harris, Andrew Kellet, Cobus van Zyl, Darron Raw, Julian Dallamore, Kyle Meenehan, Mandy Ramsden, Marianne Schwankhart, Mike Blyth, Peter van Kets, Pierre Carter and Ray Chaplin. Their presentation topics cover mountaineering, kayaking (river and sea), big wall rock climbing, paragliding, an expedition career, adventure films, ocean rowing, sponsorships, adventure racing, ultra-distance mountain running and long-distance walking.

FEAT celebrates the achievements of South African adventurers, bringing their outdoor experiences indoors. FEAT is the ultimate armchair adventure experience.

FEAT will be held in Jo’burg on Thursday, 7 October 2010, at the Wits Theatre in Braamfontein. Tickets are only available pre-event through Computicket.

FEAT is made possible by its sponsors – Biophys, Buff, CAPESTORM and Hi-Tec – and media partners, and Go Multi Magazine. For more information, visit the FEAT website at and FEAT page on Facebook at