Home, Pete Home

After rowing 5500 kilometres across the Atlantic Ocean, in 76 days, solo rower Peter van Kets made landfall in Antigua on Monday, 22 March 2010. And this morning he landed in Jo’burg, en route to his home in East London.

I’ve been following Pete’s journey since early December 2009 when he left South Africa. The race was delayed and only got underway in early January. Pete’s daily posts on the Liberty Own Your Life website have been captivating. Two-and-a-half months alone on a ‘tin can in a washing machine’ is no vacation. There’s no stopping this roller coaster once it has started.

Pete has a rare constitution. It’s one thing to ride or run across a country or continent. It is quite another to be a speck on the wide open ocean facing up to storms – the likes of which I hope never to experience; and despite satellite phones and internet connections, you really are alone out there. Pete’s accomplishment of rowing solo across the Atlantic (first African; second place solo) is an incomparable feat.

Fresh Air Crew‘s Nic Good has posted a short clip on YouTube of Pete’s approach.

* Image by Shelly Barron – from the Row, Pete Row group on FaceBook