Atlantic rowing race postponed

The race was meant to start 6 December. It has been postponed to 16 December (Wednesday). South African Peter van Kets will be rowing across the Atlantic solo. His website will be covering news of his progress.


COMMENT (14 Dec 2009):  Update in East London’s Daily Dispatch

“East London adventurer Peter van Kets is back home; arriving in East London at the weekend after the Woodvale Atlantic Rowing Race was delayed once again due to stormy weather conditions.

The new start date is December 22. According to van Ket’s wife Kim, many of the other rowers have also returned home. They continue to watch the weather and are in daily contact with the race organisers. At the first sign of weather improvement, they will all head back to La Gomera.”

Thanks to Darrell for the update

COMMENT (16 Dec 2009): New start date looks to be 29 December as the westerlies are still delaying the race start. The link to the site above doesn’t appear to work – best place for an update is either or

Thanks so much for your support!

Tracey (for rowpeterow)

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