ARWC: Cyanosis finishes 22nd

news151109News from Alex 

The team finished strongly at about 9h15 yesterday. The last section was along the beach and everyone was sleep walking.They finished in 22nd place. There was clearly some tough competition. The final results are now on the website. It is interesting to note that 1 more bonus point would put them in 19th. One more CP would put them in 15th.

Another interesting point is that 3rd place team Lundhags missed the same cutoff as Cyanosis. Its a hot talking point as to whether skipping the hike and paddle actually paid off for them.

The team is motivated to build on this performance. Their attitude is that racing internationally is a whole new game. It’s is similar to starting to race in SA: it takes a few races to finish, to get faster and eventually win. The challenge is to accelerate the international learning process to make the most of the opportunities they have.

One day after the finish everyone is ok. Debbie has a sore back. Nic has a sore throat. Mac has been enjoying the couch. Ryno has been supporting the local bakery eating all their custards.

So it has been a positive experience. Look out for some proper race reports and photos.

Thanks to all people at home for the support!

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